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"Getting Rich"

"Getting Rich"  is not just a selfish dream of greedy people, or accumulating wealth-- just for the sake of hoarding piles of money --

"Getting Rich"  is an absolute moral necessity for ordinary people in the 21st century. To "Prosper" is the number one goal and aspiration for human beings on earth as prescribed and designed by God, Nature, Logic and Mr. Spock.

"Getting Rich" is  not just an application and an opportunity in America.

"Getting Rich"  is  now an International pursuit and an absolute  global  necessity.

If you think that growing business and investments is purely a local, provincial U.S.A. endeavor, you would be wrong. Whether you are an individual or small to medium business, you  must think globally.


No matter what your savings and investment goals are ---in today's world, the opportunities are unlimited on an international scale.

No matter what your talent, ambition or goal is, and  market place, you are going to have global competition.

But, competition aside, the opportunities for business and growing wealth is magnified to the power of ten by having a global vision.  You'll never get rich anymore relying only on the American marketplace.

Investment success and exponential growth, along with safety and protection today, is now definitely essential in a global context.

Bluntly speaking, now matter who you are, or what your financial status is  have got to go GLOBAL....or you will wind up eating in a soup kitchen. or look at it this way . . .

Wouldn't you love to Retire  to  a haven where housing and food are half the cost of where you live now, And health care cost peanuts with top notch, state of the art services and doctors ---And your electric Cable and Phone costs fractions of what you pay now for your local or traditional services?

The secrets are revealed here, if you are concerned.


We are making you an offer you can't refuse.    Get Rich , , , or. . . Go down the tubes!!!



Let's face it folks-

You are no longer free!

 Bureaucrats,  Politics,  and Agencies of the Government are now in complete control the economic and social environment in the U.S.

Hey . . . I love the U.S.A.!  But you know what  -- America today has turned into something completely different from what I remember as kid.  And . . . it's getting weirder every day.  The U.S. is taking on the characteristics of "1984" or "Logan's Run".  Where language has become "Newspeak,"  and the media and legislative titles are in words and jargon that mean the exact opposite of their dictionary  definitions.

In order to survive today - You can't just work hard, work smart, and save, --but you must also, navigate, play, game, and, or, escape, the arms of the State and Federal's ---

"Bow and Submit"  System.

Guaranteed To Squeeze the Life and Cash Out of You!

(Drop that 16 oz Coke! You could be breaking the law!)

That's where WealthJet comes in.


 First we will show you---

The combined financial and social pressures of:

-- Runaway Government Spending--  racking  up  monster deficits

-- And   higher taxes reducing your income and your savings

-- And   Guess what? Taxing the 1% richy rich won't do a damn thing to hurt the wealthy ... because they'll be doing what we will teach YOU to do -- and what they have been doing for years.

-- And   But...higher taxes will hurt YOU!  Big Corporations don't pay taxes... YOU do!  They pass those taxes down in higher prices. (Watch your energy cost go up, regardless of all of the shale in North Dakota.)

-- And  the falling dollar--flaming inflation,

-- And/or   the failing businesses --  fanning deflation, especially when your job gets yanked! 

-- And   It will be small businesses that will suffer most. (Small business accounts for more than half of all U.S. jobs.)

-- And  automation and robotics replacing your job, and you.

-- And  the sneaky tax plans that are embedded in every bill passed by Congress that will eat you alive, unless you find legal safe harbors for your money.

-- And   ramped up global competition, and the inability of the U.S. to compete -- eliminating more jobs,

-- And  more and more government mandates and  regulations -- continue to cripple business productivity.

-- And  when Social Security and Medicare, (already bankrupt) starts cutting services and eligibility requirements tighten --  as they both are running on fumes. Good luck collecting!

-- And  greedy politicians raiding your retirement benefits

-- And  students dropping out college to avoid backbreaking debt for them and/or their parents while viewing the murky  future of disappearing jobs --unless they love part time work.

-- And  an inflated stock market driven by low interest rates and the Federal Reserve's printing press -- depressing loans and credit for growing businesses. This phony bull market bubble is about to pop, taking your retirement with it.

(Hope you didn't plan to retire next year.)

-- And  policies supposedly promoting quality affordable health care insurance while strangling quality affordable health care practice, will cause millions to lose medical options, benefits, money and possibly- their lives.  Get  prepared for V A style health care for everyone under provisions of Obamacare  that guarantees long waits for service, medications , and definitely rationed care. You have only been spared the implementation  of the Affordable Health Care Act because the administration keeps pushing back  deadlines  for  rules  rollouts, for strictly political reasons. But they are coming. Do you know where to turn or run  to for decent health care?

-- And  Declining services and standards in every American industry from trains, planes, autos and everything else in manufacturing -- because of shrinking profits and expanding government rules and compliance.

-- And  A President who claims to be fighting for a stronger economy when every one of his cabinet appointees churns out reams of regulations that   corn-hole  business and weakens the economy.  Whaaat !

-- And  forget your  privacy -- every minute of  your time, relationships, driving  habits, where you go, how much energy you use,  your sexual habits, what you eat, drink, or utter on your data mined phone calls and emails, will be monitored by the numerous state security agencies, the fat police, the speech police, the green police, the race police, the social organizers, the thought police and other assorted busybodies who sometimes tote clubs and guns.

Where can you hide?

WealthJet has your back -- And... we won't look!

-- And  the collapse, dissolution, and bankruptcy of your city, state and eventually the Federal Government

(Detroit's bankruptcy is just the tip of the iceberg and a harbinger of a wave of City Bankruptcies, and of the coming collapse of the union of states-- Do you know which state will be the first  to collapse under it's own weight of debt, taxation, and screwball social legislation?)

This juggernaut of Politics and Policy All but Guarantees a lower standard of living for everyone* in the U.S. in the next 5 to 10 years. 


(*Accept for the already entrenched filthy rich and the corrupt political class! )

That's why you must become filthy rich too!

Not only that, but the only job that will be available to YOU will be the job that

YOU Make. or Create

Unless you love being poor, and can't wait for the rapid decline of your living standards, with little or no income accept unemployment checks and food stamps or EBT  cards; losing your car, your home, and having no other health option -- but an Obamacare bureaucrat doctor - to treat your prostate or breast cancer... and become the government's snitch,  then you must start building wealth quickly.

Secret Reports

Quantum Style.

(P.S. It's no secret! Thousands of doctors plan to retire early; quit for other professions;  new med grad numbers are shrinking; any doctors left will become government employees; pharmaceutical companies are moving offshore  and  the shortages of medicines -- will be your worst nightmare. Do you know what to do and where to go for quality medical services?  WealthJet Does, without costing you and arm and a leg--or a prostate or a breast!)

But  . . .

You are running out of time!



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 Second, we will show you---


How  To Escape -  How to be Free -  And  How  To  "Get  Rich Quick"

"Getting Rich Quickly"   has always been considered a false notion by most financial pundits, gurus, and the old school business shamans but-- that world is dissolving before our very eyes.

Today, "Getting Rich Quickly"  is not only possible and achievable, but the strategies for doing so, are far less risky than the "mortgage your home, to start your business" routine, or less than the traditional buy and hold investment strategies of the past.

It's being done all the time -- Even as we speak!

Experts claim that it's impossible to grow your business or savings and investments any faster than 2% or 3% a year, especially in today's economic environment. They say that you must earn drips and drabs of money over a long, long, period of time and never, ever, risk any money, but stay safely ensconced in banks, bonds and solid old mutual funds. Well, guess what? These people will be the first to wipe out when the karma hits the fan.

There are no options anymore -except to go for it - remember you're screwed anyway.



Look at the following people who have jetted to the top of their industries in achievement and in wealth in the past 10 years with the old school climb to success...verses the

New School Jet to Success--*

Here are the richest people in the world.  They made millions and billions the old fashion way, and although a few rose very quickly at a very young age, they are still old school.

Carlos Slim Helu & Family (Mexico)  Age 73  Worth $73 Billion

Amancio Ortega    (Spain)  Age 76   Worth $57 Billion

Warren Buffett    (U.S.)    Age 82    Worth $53.5 Billion

Larry Ellison    (U.S.)    Age 68     Worth $43 Billion

Bill Gates    (U.S.)    Age 57    Worth $67 Billion

 (Yeah, that's right, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison are old school.)

* This Billionaire list is based on 2013 Forbes when it was originally written. 2014 changed with Bill Gates in #1 position, but the point of the reference remains the same.


Here is the New School.  They have made millions in an extraordinarily short period of time at a very young age. These are people who will eventually become billionaires in time, but they will do it a much shorter period of time than the old school.


The New Millionaires

Mark Zuckerberg  (U.S.)    Age 28    Worth $13.3 Billion

is on the cusp between the old and the new.

Alex Tew

Age at the time: 21 years old

Time taken: 5 months


Matt Mullenweg

Age at the time: 22 years old

Time taken: 8 months


Suleman Ali

Age at the time: 26 years old

Time taken: 9 months


Rob Benwell

Age at the time: 22 years old

Time taken: 12 months


Anand Lal Shimpi

Age at the time: 17 years old

Time taken: 1 year


Ephren Taylor II

Age at the time: 17

Time taken: 1 year


Anshul Samar

Age at the time: 13 years old

Time taken: 1 year


And don't forget ---

Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube by a talent agent!

Evidently, you don't need schlep and grovel or even audition

for agents or managers anymore, you just put

yourself out there on the net and

Millions of people were aware of you instantly,

-- which blasted his income into millions of dollars in an

extremely short period of time.

Talk about auditioning for the masses.





But, today,  this is being done 24/7 by thousands --- and being done worldwide!

The new school way is fast because they use today's technology directly, to by-pass traditional linear stepping stones to success. As soon as you sign up you will receive a special report showing how these young  millionaires achieved there success so quickly.  Literally, there are thousands of people jetting up quickly into the new wealth millionaire level.

Now you can literally, digitally Jump the shark!

Now if you are thinking: "These are talented, brilliant people with extraordinary skills and knowledge, that I don't have. I can't duplicate what they did!"

You would be wrong!

Some of these nouveau millionaires are brilliant  or have had flashes of brilliance, but the reason for their success, whether it's brilliance or lack there of, is that they used the options and tools of the digital world to compress the time it takes to build their careers, businesses, and investments.

Oh, so you have limited computer skills and you're not that tech savvy--?

Do you know what the Number One Industry is that is responsible for creating the most billionaires.

Most Billionaires    (U.S.)   442

The Top Billionaire Making Industry  is responsible for 103 of those.



The Top Industry



(Source: Forbes, March 23, 2013)

Guess what?

Investing is the easiest path for average people to pursue, today because the internet makes ALL markets transparent and accessible to everyone, and ALL trading tools, strategies, and market histories are also available to average, ordinary folks. The key is that mastering on-line investing is as simple as operating your TV remote or using your iphone.

(If you can't operate your tv remote then you are probably lost anyway so stop reading and click off this page.)


Remember that increasing your wealth and assets and protecting it, is not a greed thing--

It is imperative to your survival in the next 10 years!

Growing wealth is a moral imperative to support your family, your business, your associates, your  friends, and  put you in  a position to live decent lives and  to prosper in the future.

Now, All is Revealed in WealthJet Reports.


There are thousands of new millionaires being made every month.

This was not possible just twenty years ago!

-- Especially on a Global Basis!

--And the models and strategies they used to achieve what they did can be taught and learned.

--And you don't have to be a genius.

Hi. My name is A. L. Winfield and I am the publisher of WealthJet 3.0 and WealthJet Secret Reports  and I am inviting you to view a dimension of exploding new technology that will change the world and promote  astonishing prosperity. My report will open doors of opportunity and options that are totally overlooked, or not even known, or imagined, by the general public, or acknowledged by the general media.

(A.L. Winfield - P.S. No, I'm not a genius, but I know people who are  - who are willing to share their knowledge with you in WealthJet Secret Reports)

You are running out of time!


First you must avoid and survive the dangers of the new Millennium or you will be destroyed. Second you must continue to prosper to truly explode into wealth after the dust from the apocalyptic collapse subsides.

Dont Laugh!

It's No Joke!

This is as Serious as a horses' head in your bed!

For the First time

WealthJet 3.0   reveals the  real nature of the "New Global Economy" and how average people can leverage new technology and the fast moving markets and business trends to jet propel themselves into Mega Wealth Quickly -A Quantum Leap into Wealth, while working less hard, and working fewer hours, than you do now -- if you have a job now?

WealthJet Secret Reports is what you'll to survive in the next 5 years. WJ will give you the advance skinny, the over the transom, and under the door, secret meetings and strategies, with key insider knowledge, ready for immediate action --without doing jail time.


WealthJet Secret Reports Reveals:

The Threads of Meta Social, Political and Meta Money Moves ---Where they move and How They Move... And a  simple plan to follow the META -MAP  -and simply move with it to create unlimited streams of wealth... Forever!

Create Quantum Wealth


Unlimited  real

World  Business Opportunities

Not only does WealthJet 3.0 promote the cyber workplace but check our Classifieds for "Real" traditional positions in the new financial world.

But, If you're qualified-- be prepared to move. The real job for you may not be in Podunk

The Coming New World META Economy will Shock you to the core. The Cash and wealth that YOU can capture from the from the rapid changes that are coming will astound Professional Investors, the Money Managers, Bankers, Brokers, CEO’s----and Blow away Career Politicians

The New Tech, High Productivity Rush and rapture will cause academics, pseudo intellectuals, and college professors to fall through the cracks of the new-school education.

Hey, they may actually get real jobs.


Because the Internet Eliminates the Middle Man!

The internet gives everyone the access to all knowledge and information.

(Except for the real secret stuff that you can Only Get Here.)

Remember that increasing your wealth and assets and protecting it, is not a greed thing--

It is imperative to your survival in the next 10 years!


Growing wealth is a moral imperative to support your family, friends, and associates, so that you all can prosper in the future.

If you think the government will take care of you when the economy and the job market circles down the drain - THINK AGAIN!

All you can get from the legislative elites is what they give you - but no more, and they can cut you off whenever they deem it necessary.  If you want more, you'll have to hustle yourself, and I don't mean by gaming the system - when the "System" breaks down, you're up the fecal creek!

This is the "Age of Do It Yourself"!

WealthJet will show you how to do it Yourself!


By following WealthJet's Secret Reports you can:

Maximize Investment Returns with cycles, Waves and Trends with Little Effort - with META MAPS of economic movements that only financial professionals have access to.


Minimize Education Costs for your kids or yourself with high quality On Line Education,  without the propaganda. Stop throwing away thousands of dollars on traditional big time, ivy league facades, and state colleges that are already in your back pocket via the government to support their very existence while maintaining the tight-nit power elites who have been the steering the country for decades.


Why your future success and prosperity and is based on global money META movements and interactions that trump politics and social engineering. (Quantum Wealth Theory)

Use Financial Jujitsu to Throw Taxes, Regulation, and Litigation to the Mat - The Secret of Using Structures; and where to find Safe Harbors and Global Tax Free Zones for your business and investments.

Where the Best Places To Retire Are--At half the cost of the traditional retirement havens and with above average quality life style, and dirt cheap, high quality health care.

How to gain complete privacy and go off the grid.

WealthJet has your back -- and we won't peek!

How To Get the Edge on the New World META Economy and Stay on the Cutting Edge of the coming Super Boom.
(P.S. Not in the U.S.)

How the New, Now, Technology gives you Push-Button Control over vast amounts of wealth and property--That  97% of the population isn't aware of --and aren't using.

The Secret ways to Generate Cash-On-Demand using only your computer.

How to make the shadow government, the dark markets, and High Frequency Trading actions your plaything -  YOUR financial toy.


What the next great super investment sector that will dwarf any business the world has ever seen and will generate tens of trillions of dollars in the not too distant future, and how you can get in on the ground floor and retire filthy rich.

The Fly Free Concept. Fly Free is not only a literal system to "Fly Free" but also a concept to navigate through trading and traveling with minimal costs... and in style.


But ...

You are running out of time!

I don't mean to scare you . . . but to give you a wake up call!  While many people are watching "Wife Swappers" their lives have been swapped out from a somewhat free society to a strangling, invasive bureaucracy with an insatiable hunger for your money and your liberty, with outside enemies of freedom plotting, creeping, and bent on the destruction of America . . . and No One is Defending it! There are no guards at the gate.

I don't mean to be paranoid . . . but wouldn't you feel secure knowing you have a second passport, to detract malevolent psycho's from collecting your American head.

I don't mean to be an alarmist . . . but wouldn't it be prudent to have some cash stashed away in a foreign bank, where greedy statist can't touch it. 

Wouldn't you feel comfortable knowing you have a beautiful sunny ocean front property to retreat to if you can't take the strife anymore.

Wouldn't you feel safer knowing that you have financial structures in place that protect you from law suits, harassment by the state, con artists, moochers, and Identity thieves.

Wouldn't you love to Retire  to haven where housing and food are half the cost of where you live now, And health care cost peanuts and has top notch, state of the art services---And your electric Cable and Phone costs fractions of  your local or traditional services charge you now?

The secrets are revealed here, if you are concerned.

Well, if you not, then you are certainly welcome to wing it on your own.





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Because of the approaching

Economic Collapse

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Save Your Assets

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The Quantum Safe House


How to Turn $2,190  into $70,000 in seven months  

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Leap on opportunities

that occur from events you can't control.


What is it good for?
Absolutely Opportunity -- And Cash!

A weakened economy and a lack of leadership by the U.S., plus the policies of supplication and retreat; and statesmanship by crisis --- is begging tyrants and global aggressors to attack the U.S. on all levels.

(Al-Qaida and its' affiliates have regained all of the territory lost in the last decade by the blood of U.S. and "the willing" troops, all for naught. Iran still on a nuclear delivery mission without any deterrence. China threatening to take over independent territories it claims is theirs; North Korea openly bashing U.S. while sitting on Dennis Rodman's lap; Russia now expanding to recreate the Soviet Empire --- All A Time Bomb - Ready to EXPLODE!)


WealthJet explores -

How to Protect yourself and make a fortune before the shooting starts.



Why the Stock Market is just one tool in
the Wealth Bag - Whoooo needs it?

Why You should Start E-Business Now--
Even if you never make a dime!

How the despised George Bush handed You a Gold Mine--
But 97% of Americans don't even know it! Their lives could have been 10 times wealthier and healthier than they are today.

The Million Dollar MOM--Make's $20,000
a month and only leaves the house to pick up
her kids from school --- Private School.

What is the REAL "Free Nations" on the globe
and How this Secret can Fatten Your Wallet!

Who Will be the Next Trillionaires?


Homeland Security May be on the verge of becoming Homeland  Insecurity and Threat to Americans!!

(What Items You Need to Insure Your Survival--- the mainstream media isn't telling You About this!)

But, Heres the Good News!

The only reason the U.S. has managed to stay afloat with a 18 trillion dollar debt is because of one thing.

Technological Innovation!

The U.S. is still #One.

But other countries are gaining ground in high tech invention, discovery and manufacturing and the edge is slipping away from the U.S. This happening not just because Americans are dumb-ing down, but because policies of your own government are choking off research and flexibility and limiting the entrepreneurial utilization of these technologies.  All for political reasons.

But get ready for an explosion of these new tech bombshells in other parts of the globe, and be in position to rake in swag that follows it. 

All is proven and revealed in

WealthJet  Global Biz

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The Fastest Made Millionaires

... and Much, Much More!


Now if you are a skeptic, for which I could't blame you, and feel that this ringing rhetoric is nothing but high pitched, over-the-top hyperbole meant to extract your hard earned money from your needy hands...then stop here.


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