Generate Cash

Discover a simple repeatable Cash system that anyone can use to create wealth quickly. This system can work not just in the U.S. but throughout the world. Discover that the world is the place you want to be --- in it, around it, and over it. The world can be your Cash Flow Deposit Box if you follow the simple system that most people have no knowledge of, or have simply not paid attention too.

Cash -- Everybody needs it, everybody wants it, but average employed people don't really understand how to earn, make, and save it.

Your survival and comfort depend on a steady income, from somewhere, someplace, or someone. Everyone needs water, food, clothing, shelter on a continuing basis, and therefore everyone needs cash flow on a continuing basis.

Savings and Investments can only occur when the primary needs of survival are met. The only way to save and invest to increase one's asset base, is to create enough cash flow insure a surplus.

Now if this has never been a goal or a mental preset of yours, then the public school system has failed us (which they have). It is absolutely necessary to increase your cash flow or generate cash immediately, today. Back in the day one could take his or her time and slowly over time work their jobs and try to save bits and drips of cash, stash in a coffee can in the kitchen, or a passbook savings account, in hope that this would cover any financial emergency, and provide an investment for your dreams, of a new car, homeownership, or starting a business. Actually back in the day, this worked.


Those days are gone! Today and in the future, every day will be an emergency and saving any money will be impossible. Any savings that you did have will disappear like snowflakes over a bon fire. 2013 through the rest of the decade will be a financial nightmare for everyone whose not already rich. The cost of living is and will be climbing into the stratosphere like a shuttle rocket. Food, fuel, medical care will take the skin off your back (unless you can find a competent doctor without 1500 patients).

Friends, you've been screwed! And... it's not an enemy of America lurking in dark corners building bombs, (although they are out to get you too) , but ... Your Own Government that's screwing you, with a Black and Decker electric cordless .

Maximizing cash flow should be your number one priority. Your job will not keep up with living expenses in the coming years... that's if you keep your job, or 3 jobs, or have no job. Also, forget about unemployment or welfare checks, that includes your EBT cards because face it people, your income is limited by what the government allows you have, or says you qualify for -- any of which can be snatched away with any fabricated bureaucratic whim. Hey, when the government crashes, so will you.

Let me welcome you to the Alternative Economy. This Emerging economy is largely unknown or, at best misunderstood, but at worst maligned, and castigated as a bad idea for the average person or the public at large and downright unethical. WealthJet would like to educate you on what the Alternative economy is. No matter what you think of these ideas, remember that the current economy will take you down quicker than wearing leg weights on the Titanic. Your choices for the future are not good just based on the global trends and government policies. (Hmmm ... Think of Cyprus. Do you want to go to your ATM and find that the government has snatched money right out of your bank account---think about it)

Don't get the impression that these methods of cash generation are the same tactics that brokers on Wall Street use. In concept they are, but in execution and application, these strategies transcend Wall Street, because you are not tied to the rules and regulations brokers to which Wall St. is bound. At the same time, you don't have the power to influence legislation in your favor as Wall St. does either. However laws configure trading and investing, Wall St. attorneys and accountants have already influenced and/or decifered the code and determined what the loopholes are, and how to work them to their advantage. All you have to do is follow what they do. But..most people have no idea what these loopholes and strategies are or how to play them.

MMM Reveals them now.

(Don't feel guilty. No matter how many laws are passed and rules that apply to trading --- There will ALWAYS BE LOOPHOLES. You might as well use them --- Don't forget these same laws are also robbing you blind, and in defense, you need to survive!)

We developed the Money Must Move System which is an umbrella for many cash and investment sub-systems. These systems are above and beyond the traditional approach to finance which today is a relic of the industrial society model. If you have an IPhone you are living in a different society. This is why financial movement is not only highly profitable but also extremely exciting.

When you add the Emerging Technologies that are blowing lids off the pots in corporate and university labs for Research and Development, not to mention the geniuses in their garages creating the Microsoft and Apples of the future. This is a different economy than the past, that is generating "disruptive" technologies that are changing the entire business landscape which transcend old business and economic models, and this fact can explode huge cash payments into your bank account like a money machine. The surface appearance of the stock market and general economic news is fragile facade of the old industrial working order, covering up the new economy bubbling underneath. This new economy is where your fortune awaits.

We are now living in a Knowledge Based Economy, that the dominate institutions have not, or will not, catch up to. You have an opportunity to leave the bank on the corner that gives you a 1.5% interest on your savings --and bank on line, at a bank that resides on line, that's not on any corner in your neighborhood that will give you 4.5% to 7.5% rate that compounds daily that you can hold in any of the worlds' currencies. Think about it.

It's waiting for you!

The banking example is just fluff -- nothing compared to the insane gains and profits that can be made in this new economy. Only the ankle chains of the old public and corporate models are holding you back. There is Cash on the table. WealthJet will uncover it and all you have to do is reach out and grab it.

The MMM system promotes and encourages Multiple Streams of Income.


4 Different Ways to Generate Income and Cash Flow outside of your job (if you have a job).

1.  Powerful Cash producing Fountain that is not only continuous -- but can be programmed to be AUTOMATIC.

2. A Cash Source that pays you a check every month or four times a year and increases in amounts over time. The best way to make money while you sleep. Excellent for Retirees. Combined with a stream of royalties that has made millionaires out of thousands of ordinary citizens.

3. Rake In huge buckets of cash by opening an Offshore Banking account and trading in foreign currencies. Pile up cash in accounts that are Legal and Tax Free!

4. Stream income from this system that's been around for over a decade that people regard as a curiosity and a sometimes convenient trading tool. Most people, now, have lost interest in this vehicle, but if you know these System Secrets you could become a millionaire overnight. This is also an excellent way of getting out debt.


Now, if you think all this sounds strange, dangerous, risky, illegal, or just plain loopy, then consider this. Look a the U.S. debt, and how fragile the economy is. One unexpected push or shove by any large, too big to fail, bank collapse, or Wall Street Investment firm crash, or sudden currency devaluation, or drop in the U.S. credit rating by international investors ... or having capital and businesses leave the country for greener pastures. Thrown in for good measure, any disaster from super storms, earthquakes, disease epidemic, wars offshore or revolution on shore (very possible) will send the U.S. economy sinking through the earth, possibly to China, leaving you with empty pockets and a tin cup.

You and we are now in the greatest financial peril of our lives. Not since WWII has this society and culture have been at such risk. There is nothing you can do now that's any riskier than standing still.

Today -Your Money Must Move!

A. L. Winfield, Publisher