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Money Must Move
What is MMM?

Money Must Move is a system of management with a systematic, integration of all phases of money generation, investment allocation, and movements of capital waves, which signal the timing of moves in your portfolio.


Here is a better explanation, without the standard financial planner jargon, or the technical legal dancing .

Money Must Move is a system, a plan, and a strategy, for generating, investing and protecting wealth.. Many of the difficulties and problems with managing finances to create a unified financial plan is its' complexity, and the seemingly incomprehensible rules and laws and downright barriers and roadblocks to average citizens to create wealth.

What MMM does is simplify the money complex, and blast away the barriers to the wealth race. Secondly, MMM integrates all the phases of generating, investing and protecting wealth in one unified easy to understand system. Understand, that the desire and the means to create wealth for you, your family, or your associates, is not just a race against ruthless competitors for market and money, or keeping up with the 'show off ' Jones' --- but, it is a race against TIME.

But also understand, that a race to beat competitors is do-able --- but time is not. That is, your time is not. Actions by special interests, greedy politicians, the government, terrorism, wars, disasters, of any and all types, can and will stuff your dreams, your movements, your privacy, and your ability to create wealth. This clock is ticking! What is possible for you to do now, can disappear, in a New York nanosecond.

Don't get comfortable --- the squeeze is on. The squeeze to put you and your family in poverty, dependency, and with no way out, and no way of bettering your life. The middle-class as it existed in America in the five decades that preceded the 21st century are fast disappearing and will continue to disappear in the future. The survivors will be --- the very, very, rich, and then, the rest of the population -- which will be the highly regimented, and very, very poor.

The Key aspect of MMM to is to diversify Globally. But --- not only does MMM instruct you to go Global but also integrates all the phases and channels of wealth --on shore and offshore, into one unified system.

Global Investment

Now, that still may not make sense to you if you're a novice at investing. But, guess what? This theory, system, and practice will be made crystal clear to you in the Money Must Move- Quantum Wealth Program. Actually it is really easy to understand how our system works. It's not a puzzle or a mystery in the way investing is usually presented to the general public by brokers, financial advisors and economic gurus. Right now I will lay out the basic principles of WealthJet, Money Must Move, and the Quantum Wealth Theory in 8 easy concepts.

The basic principles of Money Must Move are these:

1. Today's investment markets move far more quickly than in the past and requires more diligence and action than in previous periods of economic history. Today, investing and financial structuring should be everyone's second job. Everyone! Or... you will not survive the next 5 years!

2. It is Capital that fuels and moves the markets. But what drives capital? Profits! Yes, as evil as profits have been made out to be, no business, no stock, no industry, no corner 7Eleven can survive without it. If you are of the mind that profits and money is evil and something to condemn, then live it! Give up your car. Give up home or apartment. Give up your clothes, shoes, watch, jewelry, tablet, laptop, desktop, smart phone, NOW! All these things exist because of (greedy) people chasing profits. No business can survive, at least not for long, without making a profit. You pay a price for everything (Read MMM Wants' to GIP You). People who create values deserve to be rewarded.

Capital flows to where value is created. Capital is attracted to individuals, groups, or ideas, that increase value and wealth as it is exhibited in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Materials, Services and of course (unfortunately) Government Policies which create distortions in the market place. These are factors that drive investment money to where the greatest rewards are or to flee where there are low or no returns.

3. Capital movement generates waves of opportunity in the direction of the move, and spins off trends that indicate the particular investments to choose.

4. A trend is a strong movement over time in a particular direction - which could be up or down which determines the tool or instrument to use.

5. Tools or instruments are investment vehicles such as stocks, bonds, options, funds, currencies, real estate, trusts, warrants, gold, silver, other precious metals, minerals, and hundreds of special situation vehicles.

Anything can be an investment vehicle, but not all will be successful. Only the universally accepted vehicles are relatively secure, and the position or phase that a market is in determines what vehicle to use.

But the individual who learns the nuances of these special situations and obscure investment instruments can literally blow the pants off ordinarily accepted investment tools. The real super advantage is that there is no more risk involved with these investments as with traditional so called "safe" investments. As a matter of fact, those "safe" investments will be a disaster, in the short run future.

6. Information or Data, today being readily available to everyone with a computer, makes it easier to make investment decisions. WealthJet and Money Must Move will reveal the sources of this decision making info.

7. Cycles, long and short, determine when to strike. All capital, markets, and areas investment, run in cycles. These cycles signal your investment choices and determine when to move, act, and invest.

8. Here's the Big One! All capital moves, waves, trends and cycles are Global.� The movements and policies of governments, creates price distortions in countries and markets. These movements create ripples and waves across the globe which cause these distorted markets to push towards re-balancing themselves. This causes great opportunities for investment which MMM will explain. It's a small world after all.

Key: No matter where in the world you live - if your country's' economy is going south; your stock market is crashing; your jobs are disappearing; your businesses are shutting down -- Somewhere in the world, economies are going up, markets are going up, businesses are growing and expanding and job opportunities are exploding. This is why you must go Global! To protect yourself against the damaging swings in currency and equity values in the country of your domicile or residence - you must move around the globe.



Understand, that we are blessed to be on a planet, and in a universe, that offers unlimited opportunity, and that wealth, in theory, and in a virtual world, and de facto in the physical world,---- IS UNLIMITED.

The Universe is infinite --- And so is Wealth!

Wealth is not a finite quantity of money, property and gadgets and especially knowledge. Value creation can go on infinitely, so don't worry that because you create wealth for yourself, that you are taking it from, or robbing another person Unlike the concrete bound,  myopic academic theorists who believe wealth is a zero sum game. Don't believe them or the politicians. Wealth is not a static natural resource.  Politicians don't create wealth, they can only steal it through inflation and taxes. People create wealth through their productive work, and with their minds. Wealth is unlimited. It's up to other people to create their own wealth -- which they can do if you refer them to this site.

A. L. Winfield, Publisher