• Protect Assets

    How does one protect assets today?

    Today's taxes siphons off 50% of the average Americans salary. Federal, State, County and sales taxes drain the pocketbook over time and cripples most peoples desire to save and invest or start a business. ( If you doubt that sales taxes are eating up your paycheck take a look at your phone bill. More than 17% of your phone bill is Fed, state and local taxes, remember corporations don't pay taxes --You do!) It's not how much you earn but how much you keep that's important. We will help you keep and protect your earnings.

    Debt is the number two claimant to most peoples wealth.  If you are living from paycheck to paycheck, you are almost compelled to use credit to scrape by or meet the big occasion or big emergency needs. Even though Treasury rates set by the Federal Reserve the lowest in history, bank credit card rates can range from 7.5% to 24% depending on your credit rating, and by God don't miss a payment. If the economy starts to slide into the loo and you lose your job, your creditors will be after you with pitchforks and lawsuits.

    The third claimant is Inflation that is chewing away at the average gluteus parts although government statistics seem to deny it. Just because the CPI (Consumer Price Index) declares inflation hovers around l to 1.5% or less since they changed the calculations after 1990. Before 1990, Oil and Energy, and Consumer Produce Prices were included in the calculations but today it's not.  Supposedly, these commodities fluctuate too much in price to be accurate so it's not included. Well that deserves a big "huh?" The cost of oil effects all other prices in the market, and you think food prices don't effect the cost of living. These are government tricks and political ploys.

    Real Inflation is around 6.5 % and rising. Just imagine what your take home pay is with 6.5% whacked off every year. Calculate it. In the real world, it depends on what you consume personally which could expand your inflation cost as much as 25% to 30%. If you are buying a new car and compare what you pay to what you paid for your old (new) car as a percentage of your income --- you'll find out you've been hosed. And --- whose getting raises these days?

    A fourth claimant is Health Care. The cost for medical services continues to rise in spite of Obama Care, which only distorts the entire health care industry but will also, if it hasn't already, wipe out any health plan that worked for you in the past. Not only will you pay more to stay insured, but the quality and timeliness of services will deteriorate quickly. The declining efficacy of health services will become less and less attainable and will cost considerably more for private individuals.

    But it doesn't stop there! You are getting a double slap in the face. The first is the open hand slap that hurts your wallet and then the back handed slap that hurts not the face but your intelligence. The money in your bank savings account is only earning, at best, 1.5%. No regular savings plan or certificates of deposit can possibly make you any money today.

    What does this mean?

    It means that even if you could save some money, you can never keep up with real inflation. It's unbelievable that you see protesters in the streets screaming about the most petty and irrelevant of issues of the day when there are huge problems underneath their noses are slowly melting their financial skins like the Ebola virus.

    I don't relish saying this, but the United States is on the brink of of a severe stock market retreat and possible general financial collapse for a host of reasons that will be revealed later. This is what WealthJet really wants' to protect you from.

    This leads us to the real issue of protection. Freedom. You are losing it. Each day that the bills and regulations, and red tape, and debilitating rules creep - is destroying your ability to dream, plan, act on your personal desires. Lawmaking today, instead of protecting your right to act to gain, and to own property, has become punitive and repressive, and has taken the tact of mandating things or banning things in any matter of public or private activity.

    Now you may not think this is true, but below the conscious level you feel the need to conform to the pressures of increasing legal and social restrictions --- restrictions that did not exist a few years ago and certainly didn't exist when you were a kid. If you feel this way, or better yet, think and know that this is happening, then we can suggest ways to regain freedom.

    Listen, I love America. I've always loved America, and served America in armed forces, but really--- this is not the America I grew up in. America was the symbol and embodiment of freedom. Well, if freedom is being banned from America then all the advantages of living, working, and achieving happiness will disappear, leaving a America in no better circumstances than any other countries --- and in some cases worse. I guess for the people who believe and claim that America is not exceptional --- Mission Accomplished (for them).

    If you don't think that you are losing your freedom, fine; you may also still take advantage of the protections offered in WealthJet.

    How do you protect your assets?

    Protection of your income, properties, homes, intellectual property, privacy, and the sanctity of family must follow these suggested 10 keys:

    1. Diversity asset base and types of investing and holding multiple accounts

    2. Diversify assets into different currencies.

    3. Banking in countries other than residence. Stash cash in the "Underground Banking System".

    4. Obtaining a second passport and establishing dual citizenship.

    5. Build business entities and structures where you live and abroad.

    6. Buying and owning properties offshore

    7. Learn the Art of Hedging.

    8. Establishing wills, trusts, international insurance policies and using charities

    9. Protection against natural disasters, terrorism, disease epidemics and the breakdown of civil order.

    10. Protecting privacy and your network transactions from hackers -- foreign and domestic.

    11. Using Lawyers the way the Super Rich Do.

    12. How to completely drop off the grid.


    Be aware that you are running out of time. The government can restrict your movements and property at any time for any trumped up reason, nor is it going to protect you when civil disorder breaks out, if anything they'll be coming after you. So it's extremely important to start preparing and setting up your affairs to protect you and your family well in advance of the coming crisis.

    Money Must Move

    A. L. Winfield, Publisher